Dual iD

Dual  iD

Each 4 Layer Penfold Dual iD Penfold golf ball displays our trademark card marking of a Club, Diamond, Spade or the classic Heart alongside a number. This identification system is synonymous with the Penfold brand and symbolises over 80 years of golf heritage and innovation.

Each box contains 12 balls in boxes of three in our brand new Dual iD Penfold golf ball packaging. Designed for players of all abilities, the Penfold Dual iD ball offers superior distance off the tee with excellent short iron spin and control around the green.

Dual id Penfold golf balls

  • Club, diamond, spade of penfold heart
  • 80 years of golf heritage
  • 4 layer golf balls
  • superior distance
  • Penfold logo detailing
  • excellent short iron spin
  • trademark dual markings
Penfold Golf
Manufactured by: Penfold Golf
Model: DUAL ID