Signature Golf Glove

Signature  Golf Glove

Our Penfold Signature Golf Glove provides ultimate comfort and support. The classic 'Penfold Man' design, on the adjustable wrist tab, exudes style without being brash. The Glove comes in either 100% soft lambs leather or quality synthetic.

The Signature golf glove is elasticated in right places to ensure optimum grip and comfort, while the vented areas around the fingers keep the wearer cool. The Glove is available in sizes of either medium, large or extra large size.

Penfold Signature Golf Glove

  • flexible control
  • classic signature design
  • ultimate comfort & support
  • vented for breathability
  • Penfold logo detailing
  • available in lambs leather
  • available in synthetic
Penfold Golf
Manufactured by: Penfold Golf
£18.00 Leather
£15.00 Synthetic