1930s Bromford & Penfold Golf Ball box showing Mr Penfold 1930s: AE Penfold Golf Ball No. 4. Courtesy of D Barnes 1930s: AE Penfold Golf Balls No. 2 & 3. Courtesy of D Barnes 1930s: Penfold Man pin badge on its original card 1930s: The Penfold Man. A modern repro with no pipe! 1950s: A vintage box of Dual Identification balls. 1960s: Box of red foil wrapped, card suit AE Penfold Golf Balls 1960s: Bright, colourful and very 60s Penfold Club balls 1960s: Christmas box of individually wrapped GBD balls 1960s: Penfold Ace balls. Image courtesy of T Barker 1960s: Vintage Penfold Ace print advert 1963: Vintage Penfold Advert 1966: The Open Championship programme, Courtesy: H Carpenter 1970s: Classic Wentworth Model 2-iron. Courtesy of J Dixon 1970s: The Penfold Tee Mee golf ball 1971: Penfold Ace advert from the Open Championship programme 1975: A.E. Penfold describes how he started Penfold Golf 1976: The Open Championship programme 1977: Penfold PGA Championship Programme 1980s: Pristine set of individually wrapped Penfold Surlyn balls 1980s: The 'Drive a Penfold' Campaign 1980s: The Penfold Prince ZXD 2000s: The Penfold Red Heart is born.

The story of Penfold is a quintessentially British one.  After perfecting his craft over many years, AE Penfold went into business for himself with the ambition of creating the finest performance golfing equipment possible. That objective has not changed over the past 85 years of Penfold's illustrious history.