Strict Rules


RESPECT for the rules is what defines golf and the individuals that play the game.

Although notoriously strict, golf's idiosyncratic rules encourage players to express themselves. The skill, innovation and style that is required to overcome golf's challenges is what defines Penfold.

85 Years of golf history

Since 1927 Penfold have provided high performance golf balls. To mark Penfold's 85th anniversary, two new high performance balls have been developed; The new Dual iD and the Black Heart. Both represent the cutting edge of golf ball technology and are designed to help golfers take their distance game and greenside control to a new level. The ball design and engineering reflect Penfold's approach to golf:

In the moment, in control, individual

This approach runs to the heart of the company and is the inspiration for Penfold's new golfwear range.

The collection is a paean to the defining era of golf that culminated in the 50s cool of Arnold Palmer. Designed for comfort, and to function effectively in any terrain and weather, Penfold has selected the world's most advanced materials and combined them with traditional craftsmanship.

The result is a unique style that stands apart from contemporary golf clothing. Designed exclusively in England, each item is a reaction against both the bland and the brash, and offers something new for the contemporary golfer.

Over 85 years the world has changed, but style, innovation and respect for the rules still define the game and the man.