Black Heart

Black  Heart

The Penfold Black Heart 4 piece golf ball is engineered for competition. It combines exceptional launch distance off the tee, outstanding short iron approach spin full-feel control around the green.

The 4 piece composition is designed to encourage optimum performance for golfers of all abilities. The special resin cover gives the Black Heart a soft-touch, providing greater control on the green. The Mantle Layer maximises the short game feel, providing excellent spin when using short irons. The combination of the separate Outer and Dynamic Cores result in explosive launch, exceptional ball speed and flight. It's quite simply the best golf ball we've ever made.

Each box contains 12 balls

Black heart  soft 4 piece golf balls

  • exceptional launch distance
  • full-feel control
  • 4 piece golf balls
  • soft-touch
  • Penfold logo detailing
  • separate Outer and Dynamic Core
  • best golf ball we've ever made
Penfold Golf
Manufactured by: Penfold Golf